All You Need To Understand About High-End Bikinis

Bikinis are typically a two-piece swimsuit consisting of two triangles of fabric on top similar to a bra and covering the bust and two triangles of fabric at the bottom, the front covering the pelvis but exposing the navel and the back covering the buttocks. Going by this simple description, one would expect to buy a bikini at a very cheap rate. However, these seemingly simple pieces of clothing can be quite expensive. This article focuses intensively on high-end bikinis.


“High-end” simply means something expensive or something of high quality. It has been observed that the price of a bikini, a favorite summer vacation and poolside uniform can easily hit hundreds of dollars. The question on your mind is- How can such a simple piece of clothing go for such a hefty price?


Considering their renowned skimpy nature, bikinis are complicated pieces of clothing whose prices are tied up in the complexities of global manufacturing, seasonal retailing and designing for a variety of activities and body shapes. Whether or not this summer outfit becomes a high-end bikini depends on the following factors:

v  Bikini materials are quite expensive: bikini materials are expected to be more than just materials; these fabrics and other bikini components such as underwire must contend with a wide variety of elements such as water, the chlorine used for water treatment, sand, salt, sun, and activities. The exquisite look of any bikini is just as important as its ability to withstand swimming, sunbathing and other related activities.

v  The stretchy nature of bikini fabrics: since its first use in 1960 as a bikini material, stretchy fabrics gave a whole new definition to bikinis. Stretchy fabrics are more expensive than non-stretchy materials like nylon and cotton which are commonly used in men’s swimwear. More importantly, manufacturers make use of special machines to handle the spandex and similar materials typically used in high-end bikinis.

v  Seasonality: because bikinis are specialized pieces of clothing’s that people seem to buy seasonally unlike other types of clothing’s; manufacturers don’t produce them as much. By producing a few of these products, they don’t get to enjoy the benefits of mass production; discounts for buying materials in bulk. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the cost of production and consequently, high-end bikini products. Interestingly, the most expensive bikini in the world is worth $30million; it is made entirely of diamonds and platinum.

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How to select high-end bikinis

A relevant question in this context is- how do I know a high-end bikini?

v  Nature of material: the most common material used in high-end bikinis is lycra due to its great fit and elasticity. Sometimes lycra is mixed with other materials in order for the material to withstand the effect of chlorine.

v  Drag reducing materials: high-end bikinis are fortified with drag reducing materials. Generally, the bulkier the material, the more drag it will create. These materials have an added advantage if drying quickly.

v  Intensity of friction: high-end bikinis usually have low-friction materials such as the nylon elastane which makes you as comfortable as possible even while you are moving in your bikini.

According to Kilani Miller- “When you find a bikini that really fits, that’s worth it, you pay for it, you put it on and you feel the confidence that you should feel when wearing a quality bikini“. Whether or not that confidence is worth over $100 is totally dependent on the individual.

For what it’s worth, if that stunning bikini is your choice, ignore the cost and buy it already. Go steal the show this bikini season.