The size of the top and bottom can vary from full coverage of the breasts, pelvis, and buttocks, to very skimpy designs like a throng or G-string that cover only the Areola and mons pubis but expose the buttocks. When choosing a Brazilian bikini, the most important things to consider are fit and personal style. Women should choose a right fit for their body and one that suits their personality.

The anchor points are the under-bust strap and your waistband – the thicker the straps at those anchor points, the trustier your bikini will be when that set comes in from out the back. The reason these bikinis work so well is partly due to the thick bands at the anchor points, but also because of the all-over fix. They are either high neck crops (which completely secure your boobs at the front), or they’re fixed tri’s, where the bikini triangles don’t slide around.

There is no adjustability, there are no moving parts and based on the “compression fit”, it won’t move an inch in the biggest of the surf. Think of “compression fit” not as a size smaller, but like an active crop-top, it’s flattened, firm and fitting, and slightly compressed. And that makes sense! When you go for a job wearing a crop running top, you’re dressing to make sure that the girls don’t bounce around, that’s very similar to what you should do in the water.

Whether you’re preparing for a race, a competition or just want to use swimming as a way to get fit, you need to make sure that you have the right swimming costume. For women, there used to be only one choice of what to wear. While there were a variety of different colors and styles, a one-piece swimsuit really was the only option. Now, you might be pleased to learn that you have another option of what to wear when you’re training in the pool. You can consider purchasing a Brazilian bikini. Brazilian bikinis might be preferable compared to the typical one-piece swimsuit for a variety of reasons.

inbar with brazilian bikini - אלמרי ביקיניס

Here are some benefits of a Brazilian bikini.

  1. Confidence: Wearing a bikini with strong anchor points gives you the confidence to swim and train well, and also go as far as you want inside the pool.
  2. Stylish: One piece swimsuits are slightly old-fashioned, while swim bikinis are a more modern choice. Brazilian bikinis are highly fashionable and stylish with colorful, cool designs that will look fabulous in and out of the water. If you love your body and you’re not afraid to show it off, this could be the perfect swimming costume option for you.
  3. Comfort: Wearing Brazilian bikinis allows swimmers to feel freer, while the outfit still fits well to the body. In fact, the neck straps tie at the back to ensure a tight fit.